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Excellence domain

- Communication plate-form for dependent elders
- Diffusion and integration of services adapted for maintenance at home

Presentation & identity

VisAge is the result of 7 years of experiments and development performed by researchers coming from the major French research organizations: CEA, CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, Supélec. VisAge is located in Limousin (France) at the Building Automation and Health Pole of Guéret.


The basic domains of activity of VisAge are: maintenance at home in elderly (implicating the medico-social staff and caregivers), hospitalization at home (e-health), communication in rest homes.


Creating intuitive interfaces for dependent elderly, distribution of various appropriate services for seniors and professionals. our products are characterized by excellent user acceptability.


A communication screen, VisAge screen, for the living room of elders. It works 24/24 without requiring the intervention of the user. VisAge screen is equipped with a camera and allows the interaction with all professionals and family caregivers. Intuitive for elders, it offers keyboard / and touch screen options.


Assistance in choice of the distributed services and appropriate uses, design and realization of specific interfaces, supply and installation of equipment, IT projects management.


CCGSV (through his "Pole Domotique Santé de Guéret") has a priviled partner in services and mainstream ambien assistive technologies called VisAge. VisAge has worked with CCGSV at Gueret for a year and has collaborated with the #1 home automaion eletrical device company Legrand sa in this project. VisAge has developed a a web platform that continuously collects medical and social information from the internet connected home. In the house, data are gathered by the VisAge screen platform designed for elders with low abilities. Data are saved in a central event repository. Data include short conversations, physiological information, video streams, and domotic devices at the "In one by Legrand" format. VisAge started research in home care automation in 2001. The platform has been developed and tested for many years througout 30 elders among 7 countries including France, Israel, Canada, Russia, Monaco, Italy, and Sweden.
VisAge aim to mesure activity of persons. Due to its central database backend, VisAge has acquired for years experience in crossing data of various sources around at home people. Comparison led to make persons profile that correlated the actual age of the person (ref publication ECCS). These data should be mixed with more data such as human posture data. Territorial collectivies are important to adapt tool to each preocupations.


General Councils, Community Commons, rest homes, gerontological centres, hospitals, as well as isolated elders and their families clients in France, Italy, Canada, Russia, Israel, Monaco, USA. Contact
Phone: +33 1 44 32 03 17

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